The Rocket Car is a vehicle well known of its fantastic rocket boost and intense problems caused by it.

Description Edit

On the speed statistic, the Rocket Car is king of all vehicles on par with the Helicopter. They have low Hit points. The major problem with Rocket Cars lies in its intense acceleration, if not controlled, can cause you driving too fast and controls getting inferior because of the intense speed. To an extent if you smash into an indestructible obstacle too fast, the Rocket Car bursts into flames because the speed of the impact caused too much damage exceeding the health of the vehicle (Even if in pristine condition). Rocket Cars are very long vehicles, on par with the Limo. Rocket Cars are great in races if you are a skilled driver that can control it's acceleration. Rocket Cars comes in a variety of colors.

Locations Edit

This vehicle never spawns on the road during normal gameplay

  • Two parked in Destra City and one parked in Corona City.
  • Prominently featured during the "Rocket fuel" knockout game under the "Godfather" campaign, whereas all racers uses the vehicle. It's description is a hint of the car's performance: A heavy foot won't do you any good in this race.
  • Also, in one of the Missions from story mode Born Slippy, a Rocket Car is required to be stolen. After entry, it will explode after 50 seconds and the player must deliver it. This effectively makes this Rocket Car unobtainable.

Trivia Edit

  • In the End Year update rocket cars have changed their physical appearance,It based on JCB Dieselmax.
  • The Rocket Car is the vehicle with the second-lowest health, only second to the RC Car.
  • The name of the mission "Rocket fuel" is a pun in this vehicle, it's description is a pun on it's intense boost.
  • In the old version, it's design is similar to John Dodd's "The Beast".

Gallery Edit

In the old version, the Rocket car has the same body as the Vapour, with a longer bonnet to fit a large turbine.
Rocket Car, Payback 2

Old version


From Front view