A yellow old version Portia (epic racing)

Portias are fast cars with a normal amount of durability and are easily identifiable by their soft top cover. In-Game, these cars are slightly weaker than other cars, but are fast and have great handling making them great racing cars and even with run and gun tactics. The current body deisgn takes styling cues from the Jaguar XK for its rear and the F-Type for its front. The oldest version of the car was a generic and sporty coupe that resembled the 2000s Ford Thunderbird.  The second version of the car resembled the Jaguar E-Type for its rear and Lotus Europa for its front.

Performance Stats Edit

Top Speed 152 MPH
Acceleraton from 0-60 3.3 Seconds
Handling Above Average
Durability Below Average

Trivia Edit

  • It former name was Diblo, which was close to the word "Diablo", Spanish for demon. It has been so called the word "speed demon".
  • It has been known that the second version of this car's texture came from "Driver: You Are The Wheelman", but appears more blurry. It also is similar with the second-version Hotrod, the Taxi, the Cop Car, the Van, the Police Van, the Mundaneo, the Pickup Truck, and the Fjord, which used the "Driver: You Are The Wheelman" textures until the December 2016 update.

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