There are 9 game modes in Payback 2(Story mode and Multiplayer is separate from this category). In this article I will write about the 9 different game game modes and how they work, But note this is not the main article on them, If you want to find out more information about each of the modes, click on the link to get a far better detailed article on each of them. I will write about how to win and good strategies, I am currently adding photos to each of the mini games. I would generally put the Game modes into 4 groups (not including Rampage as it is a single player mini games) the first group would consist of Brawl and Gang Warfare, (Fighting). The second group would consist of Kingpin and Conquest,(Zone Capture). The third group would consist of Knockout, Race and Sprint,(Vehicular competition). The final group would just consist of Capture The Swag as it has no similarity to any other of the groups.

Brawl ☀

Gang Warfare ☀

Capture The Swag ☀

Kingpin ☀

Conquest ☀

Race ☀

Sprint ☀

Knockout ☀

Rampage ☀