Challenges are a multiplayer mode which allows you to attempt as many times as you like a certain randomized event, such as Capture The Swag in D-Town with a 4 point team limit using a Scooby(car), 1st April 2015 weekly challenge. There are three types of Challenges hourly challenge, daily challenge and weekly challenge. With these challenges you have to try and get the best possible time/score. You can have as many attempts as you like to try and get the best score/time. The top 5 best scores/times are shown so everyone in the world can see them. After you have attempted your first go it will say you are something out of something players, eg 56/1028 players is your rank. It will display your personal best time. Normally the weekly challenges have 1,500-2,500 people attempt them, But lately I have seen a massive change, Sometimes a weekly challenge only has 400 attempts(which is a low amount), But this weeks challenge has been going for 2 days and has already had over 4,000 people attempts it. The reason for the massive range in attempts all comes down to weather or not people like the randomized event they are offering, normally Brawl mode gets less people attempting it . The daily challenge might have 300-600 people attempt it. The hourly challenge might get 1-30 attempts. I always attempt the weekly challenge and sometimes I attempt the daily challenge, and very rarely I even attempt the hourly challenge. I always get 1st or 2nd for the weekly challenge and 1st or 2nd for the daily challenge. My main competitor who sometimes beats me is 5atiricon25. Me and him played a few rounds of multiplayer a long time ago, we were about even. Anyway me or him will always get 1st and 2nd for the challenge, we win about the same amount of times each. I encourage you to attempt the challenges and see if you like them.