Payback 2 , Allegro City

Allegro City is an awesome city. Allegro City has a river running straight through the middle. This city has a lot of buildings, mainly brown buildings. The weapons are in big groups. There aren't many weapons, but where there are weapons there are a lot of them. It has a great race track, Allegro City is my favorite city for races. Allegro City also has a tank, and a couple of Vapor GT's. The makers of the game describe the city as "A river divides east and west in this sunny city." Allegro City is my favorite city, It has a tank, it has 3 Vapor GT's the most of any city, It has a river and bridges, and is a fun city for practicing burnouts and J-turns. It is also a very well lit up city and it is never night time. So overall Allegro city is absolutely awesome.

The map was originally created by Krzysztof "AmigaMAN" Koplin in 2002.